AMSTERDAM – Hizb ut Tahrir Europe has successfully held her first Khilafah Conference in Amsterdam on Saturday the 25th of June 2011. Nearly 1000 people from several countries attended the conference, which was fully packed. They traveled a great distance to Amsterdam just for the sake of Allah, to attend this historical happening.

Five talks were given in several languages. All addressed the uprisings in the Middle-East and the desire of the people to live by Islamic rule. The first speech was given by the spokesman of Hizb ut Tahrir for the German speaking area, Shaker Assem. The second talk was given in Arabic by Muhammad Abu Hisham. After this there was a long break where the shabab were able to exchange ideas and intermingle. There was a tremendous atmosphere of Iman and brotherhood.

After the break a talk was given in Turkish and Arabic. In the Arabic talk the Syrian uprisings were discussed, the tyranny of the regime and the longing of the people for justice under the banner of Islam. Finally the spokesman of Hizb ut Tahrir Holland, Okay Pala thanked the visitors for their attendance. He explained that the return of Khilafah is very near and urged everyone to work hard for the final victory of the Ummah.

The conference was closed with dua after which all the people stood up and shouted the takbir and chanted ‘Khilafah, Khilafah!’. With their index finger raised high and at the top of their voice, they left the building in this state, shouting ‘al ummah tureed Khilafah Islamiyya!’ (the Ummah wants a Khilafah state!)

Okay Pala

Spokesman of Hizb ut Tahrir Holland

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